0.10.0 (June 23, 2023)

  • Refactor v1/price_feed/{parcl_id}/history and v1/place/{parcl_id}/weather date formats; add order parameter
  • Refactor inventory endpoint into housing_stock
  • Introduce POST request for v1/price_feed/latest
  • Improve documentation regarding data coverage
  • Fix error message when parcl_id is not provided in v1/price_feed/latest endpoints
  • Introduce USA Price Feed
  • Minor bugfix in v1/place/markets endpoint

Refactor start and end date formats

Date formats for start and end parameters for v1/price_feed/{parcl_id}/history and v1/place/{parcl_id}/weather endpoints have been updated align with the rest of the API. The mm/dd/yyyy format has been replaced by yyyy-MM-dd. Example new date parameter: 2023-05-30. The order parameter can also now be passed in during a request. Descending is the default using desc; asc can be used to sort in ascending order. All three parameters -- start, end and order -- are optional.

Refactor Inventory to Housing Stock

Refactoring our inventory endpoints (inventory/{parcl_id}/current and inventory/{parcl_id}/history) to now be
housing stock endpoints (housing_stock/{parcl_id}/current and housing_stock/{parcl_id}/history). Functionality of these
endpoints are exactly the same, this change entails fixes to names and descriptions to align with accurate naming conventions.

Introduce POST request for v1/price_feed/latest

Users are now able to make POST requests to the v1/price_feed/latest by passing a list of parcl_ids in the body of the request.

An additional header specifying the content-type is also required: Content-type: application/json

Example request body

    "parcl_ids": [

Improve documentation regarding data coverage

Add additional documentation in endpoint descriptions, such as for v1/absorption/{parcl_id} and v1/listings/{parcl_id} regarding data coverage.

Fix error message when parcl_id is not provided in v1/price_feed/latest endpoints

Change error message from 500 to 422 when parcl_id is not provided in both GET and POST v1/price_feed/latest endpoints. The API documentation will now also provide an example parcl_id to pass in.

Introduce USA Price Feed

Introducing the Parcl Labs USA Price Feed, a revolutionary addition to our global market coverage! We are proud to announce the launch of the first-of-its-kind daily spot price, representing the price per square foot, on the US housing market. With this update, Parcl Labs provides unparalleled access to accurate and real-time price information, triangulated across all 50 states in the country.

Key Features:

  • Daily Spot Price: Our United States Price Feed offers a comprehensive overview of the housing market, updating on a daily basis. Stay up-to-date with the latest pricing trends, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real-time information.
  • Triangulated Data: By collecting and analyzing data from real-time sales and listings across all 50 states, we ensure the most accurate and reliable price information available. Our advanced algorithms work tirelessly to provide you with precise market insights.
  • True Price Information: Say goodbye to inflated or misleading pricing. Our Price Feeds deliver transparent, interpretable and representative pricing data, empowering you to gauge the true value of the housing market every day.