The census object allows you to return census variables about locations within cities or MSA.

Available Fields

AGE_MEDIAN Int!Median age
AGE_WFH Int!Median age of wfh population
Boomers_Female_Population Int!The number of female boomers in the current location
Boomers_Male_Population Int!The number of male boomers located in location
Boomers_WFH_Population Int!The number of boomers who work from home
Gen_X_female_Population Int!Number of Gen X female population
Gen_Z_Female_Population Int!Number of Gen Z female population
Gen_Z_Male_Population Int!Number of Gen Z Male population
INCOME_MEDIAN Int!median income
Millenial_Female Int!Mellinial female population
Millennial_Male_Population Int!Millennial male population
Millennial_WFH_Popuation Int!Millennial WFH population
PARCL_ID Int!Unique PARCL_ID representing geometry area
POP_BICYCLE Int!Number of residents that ride bicycle to work
POP_CAR_TRUCK_VAN Int!Number of residents that ride a car, truck, or van to work
POP_FEMALE Int!Total female population
POP_FEMALE_WFH Int!Total female population that works from home
POP_MALE Int!Total male population
POP_MALE_WFH Int!Total male population that works from home
POP_TOTAL Int!Total population
Post_War_Female_Population Int!Post war female population
Post_War_Male_Population Int!Post ware male population
Pre_Gen_Z_Female_Population Int!Pre Gen Z Female Population
Pre_Gen_Z_Male_Population Int!Pre Gen Z Male Population
YEAR Int!Year of the census estimates