What can I use Parcl Labs data for?

At the highest level, Parcl Labs data can be used to augment analytical models, enrich applications, and inform strategic decisions. These use cases are prevalent across every industry and organization with built world exposure, and are particularly relevant for residential real estate firms, proptechs, and financial institutions with real estate exposure.

  • Analytical Models: Use Parcl Labs data as an input to advanced analytical models (AI/ML) that require and/or would benefit from high quality real estate, location, and geospatial inputs. Parcl Labs data can be integrated directly into financial, underwriting, and investment models to inform real estate investment decisions and valuation and pricing of real estate assets.
  • Enrich Applications Deliver informative and engaging internal and external digital applications with easy-to-integrate location datapoints.
  • Inform Strategic Decisions. Extract actionable insights that empower quick, proactive real world decisions. For example, Parcl Labs insights can be used by business leaders to guide market expansion strategies, conduct targeted marketing campaigns, site selection, and more.