Track overall investor activity across any US market


Investor influence in the housing market is a major area of interest for our users and the real estate industry. Parcl Labs has become a key source of data on investor ownership and activity.

The Investor Metrics endpoint category allows you to track overall investor transactions and trends for any US market.

Data Coverage:

Property Types✅ Single Family
✅ Townhouses
✅ Condos
✅ Other
Markets (parcl_ids)🇺🇸 All US Markets
Housing Events✅ Sales
✅ For Sale Listings
✅ Rentals
Refresh Frequency✅ Weekly
✅ Monthly
History📈 2019-Current

Analyze investor resale activity, in real-time

Analyze investor resale activity, in real-time

Getting Started

Ways you can leverage endpoints today:

  • Use the Housing Stock Ownership endpoint to determine the total number and percentage of properties owned by investors in a market.
  • Determine investor pricing strategies for acquisitions, dispositions, new for sale listings, and new rental listings in a market with the Housing Event Prices endpoint.
  • Track counts of investor acquisitions, dispositions, new for sale listings, and new rental listings for a market using the Housing Event Counts endpoint.
  • Use the Investor Purchase to Sale Ratio endpoint to understand whether investors are net buyers or sellers in a market.
  • Monitor weekly updated rolling counts of investor-owned properties newly listed for sale and their share of total for sale listings with the New Listings For Sale Rolling Counts endpoint. This data, segmented into 7, 30, 60, and 90 day periods, serves as a real-time, leading indicator of investor dispositions in a market.

How are Investors Classified

For the Investor Metrics endpoints, Parcl Labs uses an owner names-based indexing system to identify investor-owned properties. Naming conventions such as LLC, LP, GP, Trust, and Homes are considered indicators of investor ownership. This methodology is similar to how real estate firms like Redfin analyze overall investor trends.

It’s important to note that we use a different methodology for our Portfolio Metrics endpoints, where we tag portfolios based on the number of units owned.

We understand that the term 'investor' can mean different things across the housing industry. To accommodate this variety of definitions, we offer a choice of models through our metrics: a names-based method in Investor Metrics and a portfolio size-based method in Portfolio Metrics. Our aim is to provide flexible, useful tools that align with your specific definition and needs.

Other Investor Analytics and Coming Soon

Available Today: Portfolio Metrics

If you want to go a level deeper and examine investor activity by portfolio size (i.e., the number of homes within an investor's portfolio) more closely, check out our existing Portfolio Metrics endpoints.

Coming Soon: Entity Metrics

Parcl Labs tracks investors at three levels: as an overall cohort, by portfolio size, and at the specific housing owner or "entity" level (e.g., Opendoor, Invitation Homes).

Entity-level metrics, which are coming soon to the API, will enable users to analyze real-time activities and performance of Single Family Rental (SFR) operators like Progress, iBuyers like Opendoor, homebuilders like Lennar, and other influential entities in the U.S. housing market.