API Overview

Overview of Parcl Labs offering and our roadmap

Welcome to the Parcl Labs API!

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API Overview

The Parcl Labs API provides instant insights into the U.S. housing market, delivering data on housing supply, sales, listings, rentals, investor activities, and market trends.

The most complete picture of US residential real estate

Property Types🏘️ All Residential Assets:
✅ Single Family
✅ Townhouses
✅ Condos
✅ Other
Markets🇺🇸 Complete National Coverage, 70k+ Unique Markets at Any Level of Granularity:
✅ Regions
✅ States
✅ Metros
✅ Cities
✅ Counties
✅ Towns
✅ Zips
✅ Census Places
Housing Events🔄 The Full Property Lifecycle:
✅ Sales
✅ For Sale Listings
✅ Rentals

Available API Endpoint Categories

  • Market Metrics: Data on overall housing stock, supply, and price trends across sales, listings, and rentals. Learn more.
  • For Sale Market Metrics: Data on the for sale listing market, including real-time supply. Learn more.
  • Rental Market Metrics: Data on the rental market, including real-time supply, rental unit concentration, and yields. Learn more.
  • Investor Metrics: Analytics on overall investor ownership and transaction activities. Learn more.
  • Portfolio Metrics: Analytics on investor ownership and transaction activity for single-family homes in markets, segmented by the unit size of the investor's portfolio. Learn more.
  • Price Feed: Real-time Parcl Labs Price Feed data. Learn more.

Within each category, we've prioritized providing data points that are either:

  1. Foundational supply and price data as building blocks for your own analysis.
  2. High-value, advanced metrics unique to our platform.

And we're just getting started...

API Roadmap

We’ve partnered with top teams in real estate, finance, and academia to identify the housing data that moves the needle for decision-making. These partnerships have directly shaped what’s available today and our roadmap.

The endpoints available today are just the beginning. We have an aggressive roadmap and release new capabilities weekly. Our developer community gets first access.

👀 Here's a preview of what's to come:

  • More advanced housing market metrics
  • Real-time Parcl Labs Price Feeds
  • Operator analytics (e.g., Invitation Homes, iBuyers)
  • Unit-level data
  • Global markets

We want to hear from you! If you have feedback on what you’d like to see, please post it in the community forum.

What’s Next