Data Overview

πŸ—οΈ Sources and Build Process

We aggregate data from many sources to maintain a high quality, real-time, comprehensive real estate data ecosystem. This analytics-ready, unit-level dataset is the foundation for all our leading analytics products and research. Our process:

  • Data Sourcing and Ingestion: Data is collected 24/7 from a range of real estate data sources.
  • Data Transformation: Incoming data is indexed at the unit (property) level. We use algorithms to de-duplicate records. Data is normalized to conform to our standardized schema.
  • Analytics and Delivery: We use advanced data science techniques to derive meaningful insights from the data. Analytics are transformed into actionable products that can be accessed directly via our REST API.

🌎 Market Coverage

Parcl Labs API provides US nationwide coverage, spanning over 70,000 unique U.S. markets with granularity from single zip codes to entire geographic regions. Our aim is to empower our users with the best tools for market analysis at any scale.

We often report higher counts (e.g., sales and listings) than other US housing market benchmarks. The reason is that we collect more data and have greater coverage than these individual sources. Our data processing methodology is designed to ensure we deduplicate across sources and only count unique housing events.

While all markets are accessible via the API, it’s important to note that coverage at very granular levels may be limited in certain areas. We provide a range of statistics to help users effectively interpret and use the data available. We're actively expanding our data sources to improve coverage and insights across all markets.

πŸ—“οΈ Updates

We refresh data at daily, weekly, or monthly cadences, depending on the metric. Refresh schedules are intentionally scoped to balance real-time updates with accuracy, aligned with real-world applications. Please review the endpoint-specific documentation to determine its refresh and availability schedule.

  • Monthly: Data for each month is updated on the 15th of the following month. For example, January data is available on February 15th. Updates may include revisions to ensure accuracy.
  • Weekly: Data for the preceding week is updated on Monday and available by Thursday of the following week.
  • Daily: Data for the preceding day is available each afternoon.

πŸ“œ History

The Housing Market Metrics API provides data from January 1, 2019, to the present. This period reflects our most comprehensive coverage across sales, listings, and rental data sources.

🎯 Accuracy and Backtesting

Parcl Labs' data products, including the Parcl Labs Price Feeds, have undergone extensive internal backtesting against benchmarks and external validation by top financial and academic institutions.