Error Codes

This guide includes an overview on error codes you might see in our API.

Error Codes

401 - Invalid TokenIncorrect API keyVerify and copy the API key directly from the API Dashboard
403 - Usage LimitCredit usage limit exceededCheck your credit usage in the API Dashboard. If necessary, upgrade your account or contact [email protected] for custom options
403 - UnauthorizedNot authorized to access this dataVerify permissions and ensure the correct API endpoint is used. If the issue persists, reach out to [email protected]
404 - Data Not FoundThe requested data could not be foundVerify the request URL and parameters. Ensure all identifiers and paths are correct. Check if the data requested corresponds to a date for which data does not exist.

If the issue persists, the data may not exist (i.e., is NULL) for the queried timeframe
422 - Request Validation ErrorThe request contains invalid or missing parametersReview the request for incorrect or missing fields. The response will detail issues such as invalid parameter inputs (e.g., incorrect property type, invalid date format, start date before series, etc.).

We provide detailed guidance across different type of 422 errors to help troubleshoot the issue
500 - Database Query ErrorAn error occurred during database processingRetry the request. If the error persists, contact [email protected] for assistance
500 - Token Validation ErrorAn error occurred during token validationVerify the API token. If the token is correct and the error persists, contact [email protected] for further assistance

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