Analyze real-time real estate price trends


The Parcl Labs Price Feed (PLPF) is a daily-updated, real-time indicator of residential real estate prices, measured by price per square foot, across select US markets.

The Price Feeds category allows you to access our daily-updated PLPF and derivative metrics, such as volatility.

Price Feed Coverage

Property TypesThe PLPF integrates all residential property types:
✅ Single Family
✅ Townhouses
✅ Condos
Markets (parcl_ids)🇺🇸 Select Top US Markets
🔜 Select International Markets
Housing Events✅ Home Price Feed (Sales and Listings)
✅ Rental Price Feed
Refresh Frequency✅ Daily
HistoryHome Price Feed (Sales and Listings): 2010 - Current
Rental Price Feed: 2020 - Current

Track real-time home price changes

Track real-time home price changes

Getting Started

Ways you can leverage endpoints today:

  • Get real-time housing market prices through the Price Feed endpoint.
  • Access real-time rental market prices through the Rental Price Feed endpoint.
  • Use the Volatility endpoint to analyze market risk. The Volatility metric, updated daily, assesses the degree of variation from the average return by determining daily returns from the PLPF, applying a rolling standard deviation tailored to market specifics, and annualizing the measure.

How the Parcl Labs Price Feed Works

The PLPF tracks daily price changes in residential real estate across various markets and property types, using price per square foot as a simple metric. Parcl Labs offers real-time home price and rental price feeds.

To generate the PLPF, we use a comprehensive ETL process to handle, clean, and refine large datasets, applying spatial data science to produce precise price estimates for market areas. Our methodology looks at representative segments of the market, filters outliers and other irregularities, creates smooth time series, and is tested on a daily basis to guarantee the quality of our indicator.

Whitepaper and Additional Resources

Parcl Labs has published our Price Feed methodology and extensive research that supports and validates it. You can learn more about why we built it, our detailed methodology, and how it compares to traditional benchmarks using the resources below:

How to Determine Which Markets Have Price Feeds Available

The Price Feed Category is available for select markets. Use the Search endpoint to easily identify which markets have price feeds available.

In Search, sort by PRICEFEED_MARKET to identify all markets (parcl_ids) where price feeds are available. These markets will be identified by "pricefeed_market": 1 in the response.

Copy and paste this example request to do this search.

curl -X GET '' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: {API_KEY}'


Before running the command:

Replace {API_KEY} with your actual API key.

You can also sort by PARCL_EXCHANGE_MARKET to identify all markets that are currently available to trade on the Parcl Exchange. These markets will be identified by "parcl_exchange_market": 1 in the response.

You can copy and paste this example request to do this search:

curl --request GET \
     --url '' \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: {API_KEY}'


Before running the command:

Replace {API_KEY} with your actual API key.

Coming Soon

The following Price Feed data will be available soon in the API:

  • International markets
  • Financial metrics derived from the Price Feed